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Inflatable tent the benefits of introducing
Dec 01, 2016

Inflatable tent the benefits of introducing
1, easy to carry. Carry, if it is a backpacker or a traditional tent is more convenient, after disassembly can be placed directly into a backpack, car owners can choose the quick open tent, folded after a round pie shape, fits in the trunk.
2: overall ledger accounts within the waterproof, breathable, high-quality tent two essential points. Most common tent is PU coatings, PU polyurethane polymer organic compounds, PU coating is a stable low temperature coating, commonly used in a variety of fabrics. PU coating thickness and coating technology to determine the fabric's waterproof coating thickness is expressed in mm, shows that coating static control of water column height under laboratory conditions.
3, support high strength, good elasticity, aluminum pole is better than glass fiber rods. Now is the best Rod carbon rod, aluminum, glass fiber and, finally, hardcore (in addition to the forces had almost no use). Most aluminum alloy Rod price and performance in turn is scandium aluminum alloy, 7075T9 and 7001T6. Tents not only for wind resistance and the texture of the stem diameter, and the number of accounts related to accounts generally number more wind and the better the performance.
4, account to the end of waterproof and wear-resistant. End of accounting require hardwearing and waterproof features, common end of account materials for PE fabric and waterproof polyester fabric. PE posted in middle and low at the end of the tent, waterproof polyester cloth used for high-grade tents. PE is polyethylene material, similar to the low-end of the snake skins, actual tent using a double sided PE material of waterproof membrane attached, including a large number of exports of tents are the use of the materials. Account contact at the end of the ground, vulnerable to debris such as gravel, grass-roots branches of scratches, before camping, to clear the ground hard objects, or use of tent cloth, bedding as a protective layer on the surface. Tent cloth 420D wear Oxford cloth.