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Inflatable tents use finishing and storage and maintenance methods
Dec 01, 2016

Inflatable tent is our camping must be equipped, as we all know, inflatable tent fabrics are mainly PU and silicone coatings, seams and seam tape was used in most of the press, for waterproofing purposes.
Because the inflatable tents use waterproof tape, stacking, watertight plastic bending and oppressed by force, it is easy to cause the shedding of seam tape. However, due to the large volume of the tent, normally subject to conditions, is hanging tents cannot be stored, so we are on reception tent should pay attention to what you do, Beijing Red inflatable tents give people a heads up:
1, the inflatable after use but should be cleaned out dust and attachment, and fabric on both sides of the water should also be wiped out, and dry completely before stacking. This point is very important. If store is not completely dry, then, it is easy to make fabrics mildew and adhesion problems occur. Affect the life of the tent!
2, inflatable tent, after completely dry stacking, try not to put other materials on the tent, so as not to cause permanent bending rubber waterproof material fatigue of degumming. (Personal experience is, find a box specially designated tent). I think a lot of my friends are not only a tent, specially designated concluded in favour of equipment for safe keeping.
3, regular or not regular tent cool Sun (avoid direct sunlight) for a long time, rearranging and then stacking, this advantage is, to prevent the tent fabric is mildew and adhesion, tents more bend waterproof adhesive will not produce permanent fatigue, extend the life of tents as a whole.
4, inflatable tent, cleaning up after the original compressed storage bag storage method is not desirable. Temporary maintenance: wipe dry the tear is first, cut a piece surrounding more than 3cm gas clouds, a thin layer of glue evenly, drying paste compacted to about 10 minutes 20 minutes after use.