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Medical facilities of the tent is very complete
Dec 01, 2016

Medical facilities of the tent is very complete. Can be used under all weather conditions and can adapt to a wide range of temperature change. An inflatable medical tent system composed of more than more than 200 tent. Tent tarp and lined with water resistant, lined with cotton lining, thermal insulation effect. Curved door ensures that no stagnant water in front and door with watertight connections can be achieved.
Medical rescue inflatable tent is mainly used for the military, civil affairs, the Red Cross, who floods the earthquake disaster emergency rescue.
Tent designed and classified into different structural forms, which can be divided into single-room structure and Office Peng structure; single-chamber structure designed only for sleeping space, given reduced in volume and weight. Tents tent structure of the Office was set up outside the menpeng in sleeping space plus Office, in addition to wind, rain on the outside has more advantages, also set for equipment space.
In order to adapt to the different temperature environments, tents and into different such as single/double/triple-layer structure: single layer edge is light/small size/economy/production process is relatively simple. Double difference in single-layer is in good design adds a layer of air within the accounts, mainly single-storey tent wall water conflicts. Because in more cool of season, human excluded of heat in account Peng outside cold air of role Xia, will in account Peng within wall condensation drops, water Shun account Peng within wall shed will playing wet sleeping bag, and added set within account Hou, outside account not directly zainei account end of connection, human distributed of heat will through within account, condensation out account Shang of drops can DC ground, from this meaning Shang told, single layer account Peng main for Yu more warm of area or season, double account Peng for Yu cool season or cold district.