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Military tent
Dec 01, 2016

Thermal insulation properties
Tents in addition to special PVC film, other than to have the filter part of the light, its own tent structures can also install rigid wall Board, glass walls, glass doors, fitted with air conditioning in the room, you can adjust the temperature inside the tent.
Fire performance
At present, our company uses PVC, have strict testing via DIN4102 B1 (Germany), M2 (France) B7101 (United States) B1 (China's) national fire protection level. And obtain the relevant certificates.
Self-cleaning properties
PVC membrane with chemical surface treatment, the surface does not absorb dust, pollution prevention, mold prevention and clean synthesis characteristic of membrane surface. We use PVC plastic sheet, high self-cleaning properties, on the one hand to prevent the ageing of fabric and PVC-coated, extended membrane life, on the one hand make the surface non-stick dust,
rainwater into water shedding membrane surface could be naturally cleaned. According to different product applications using membrane of 5-20 life.
Optical properties
Optical properties of PVC membrane is also very important, used in products are mainly divided into shade tarp and half shade tarp. Its role is to filter out most ultraviolet radiation to prevent internal items fade, second is the natural light has a certain transparency, makes transmission inside the structure to produce diffuse light, no shadows, no glare, night lighting when natural light and intoxicating. Third, summer, cool winter insulation.
Mechanical properties
Usually elegant PVC-film, the thickness of around 0.6-0.8MM, its tensile strength can reach the level of steel, which are incomparable for other material, we use specific low elastic modulus of PVC membrane, not easily affected by changes in the weather to size and feel of the finished product.