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Summer camps use a little common sense introduction
Dec 01, 2016

At present, many different kinds of tents on the market, price also vary a lot. In the altitude of the place of use, can be divided into Alpine tent and two low mountain tents; in seasons of use, can be divided into spring, summer and autumn seasons tents and tents in two of the four seasons. Alpine tents are generally posted outside, rain, wind and the keep warm function, but ventilation is better than an account outside the upper low mountain tent. Alpine accounts in low mountains and accounts used in summer than hot. However, due to the special design, Alpine accounts is low, resistant to heavy rain and strong wind, while the interior space of the low mountains and accounts are relatively high and wide. Due to the use of different materials, so the tent there is a big difference in price. Alpine accounts General tent is made of aluminum alloy rod, Rod not only this kind of material toughness, and resistance to strong is not easy to fracture, deformation, and relatively light. Lower accounting rates with cheaper, because plastic carbon fiber tent poles, the material toughness is a bit poor, but heavier. For the waterproof coating for the external account also have difference in price.
Is single layer, quite ventilation, is a rain shed added a layer nylon of bottom, is low elevation camping type, it can resistance rain, design of considerations with heavy Yu ventilation second is resistance weather, usually top cover for ventilation of screens network, bottom for nylon, has outside account, color light not let internal too Sun another people cannot stand, cannot resistance winds with, take outside account only can resist rain.
Three quarters of
Refers to non-snow period using of tent, it of differences Yu camp column, it can resistance winds and slightly of snow, most of tent has can breathable of nylon within account and waterproof better of outside account, account door is double, a layer is yarn network, tent internal of moisture can revealing, account door larger, this species tent applies Yu three days to one week of activities, best is forest or not had copies exposed of open camp terrain.
Four seasons
Tent material is hard, can support the snow and strong winds, double-door type easily in and out of the camp in bad weather, such tents designed snow equipment access problem and whether cooking problem accounts inside and outside space, fairly applied to forest boundaries under the snow storm.