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Tent choice
Dec 01, 2016

1. the most harsh and demanding conditions that you may encounter as a standard selection of tents. For example, even though you did not intend to camp winter, but if you're an outdoor activity to be carried out during the autumn season, then, you should pick a 4 season ledger accounts or convertible.
2. account 4 statement of typically more than 3 quarters weighs 10%-20 (mainly due to more accounts). And convertible debt you can allow your account increases or decreases according to the situation and adjusting ventilation conditions.
3. free-standing tent (without external support) very easy to use. You can easily move it where or under the shaking tent above the leaves, dirt, snow, and so on. Lightweight tents are often too hard to self support.
4. the capacity of the tent. The capacity of the various manufacturers each have their own standard. Actual capacity is often better than Mark's capacity is small. For example, an account labeled 2 persons capacity, accommodate two wide-body of adults and their equipment after often appear quite crowded.
5. recommended the use of waterproof cloth or cloth and other goods to extend the life of tent cloth.