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What are the advantages of military tents for camping
Dec 01, 2016

Inflatable tents are widely used in camping, field construction, leisure resort military command, army field tour live, confidentiality and security; for home relief, flood control, field work, etc.
Military camping tents with high strength, light weight, comfortable, simple Assembly, easy to carry, cold, heat-resistant damp-proof, and many other advantages. Inflating device pedal, manual, battery type (car 12V power) such as form filling for selection.
Some people may have questions, will the inflatable tent for camping? punctured do? is wind?
In fact, these are without fear, this is a high-end inflatable camping tent, we went camping, it is selected a treasure, if you accidentally puncture does not matter, because we are at the time of delivery, is equipped with a passive bubei glue, gently stick it can. Like this five-square-meter inflatable tent for camping, are inflatable keel, inflatable columns are much thicker than glass aluminum rods, nails, rope, so wind resistance issue was resolved.
Military camping tents are generally using pole, curtain pole strength is strong wind resistance, and camping tents are generally low (just to sleep with) the materials most fabric, waterproof and breathable to keep warm function and used multiple times will not affect its waterproof and windproof and other functions, so if you want to camp with professional inflatable camping tent.

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