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TeePee Tent Maintenance
Feb 15, 2017

TeePee Tent Maintenance

1.After cleaning the ventilation the shade to dry naturally, do not put baking Sun prolonged sun exposure or high temperature place, in case the glue or back, and accelerated aging.
2.Non-professional work boots do not contact with chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt, corrosion from degumming deformation.
3.Cleaning should be evenly spread. Brush not violently, so as to avoid short or brush off the shoe design and decoration parts.
4.Avoid contact with the sharp, pointed objects, to prevent scratching the cut.
5.color of canvas, not hard cleaning items such as contact with the carbon ink. The canvas of this color after cleaning, apply toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to uniform, then dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two white clean paper covered above, dry after ripping. Anti-tarnishing.
6.There is break, dropped, or decorative loosening minor defects should be repaired in a timely manner. To extend its service life.
7.tents should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew smell. Do not machine wash. Some people think that bending the tent, and low price, too lazy to hand wash. The not-knowing and decorative fabric pieces are not the same, using the washing machine is very easy to fall off the fading.

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