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Why buy children Teepee Tent ? -- Advantage
Jan 24, 2017

Teepee Tent -- Advantage

1.Teepee Fabric:100% Cotton Canvas(Durable,Eco-friendly,Breathable,Comfortable and AZO free)

2.Teepee Tent Size: Four Sided TeePee - Side Length-47",Top Height-59",Pole Length-70.9".Teepee Weight: 7.2 Lb. Space Room Enough For 1-2. Kids Ages 1 and Up

3.Four Sided Design with Door and Window Can roll-up Fabric for Easy Ventilation ,Allows Parents to Look in and Kids to Look out - Door and Window Can be Closed to Give kids their Own Room and Private

4.Ukadou Teepee Included: Durable Canvas Teepee,12 Pine Wooden Pole,8 Connectors,1 Cord, 1 Instructions,1 Canvas Carry Bag and 1 Carry Box(26"x5.9"x7.9") - Buy Teepee Tent Now Get flags of Decoration for Free

5.Indian Teepee - Easy installation,Easy to store, This Portable Playhouse is Great For Indoor or Outdoor Play to add Hours of fun and Adds to the decor of any room ,This Teepee Tent is a PERFECT Birthday Present ,Sleepover Party, Memorable Photography for a Little Boy or a Little Girl.,

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1.Teepee material: Made of Durable Cotton Canvas - All Tent Meterial with No harmful chemicals

2.High quality Teepee Tent:New Zealand Environmental Pine Poles and Enjoy years of fun thanks to quality Rib connectors. No more disappointment from wooden poles and connector instability that put an end to play time.

3.Teepee is a comfortable and larger room for kids to play together in their “little house”,leave them read books, do the role playing game or build blocks. Never miss the chance to develop your kids’ imagination, creativity, independence, etc.

4.Universal Design All Seams, Raw Fabric Edges and Openings are Reinforced for Your Child's Safety,Easy to Assembly,Step-by-step Assembly Instructions,Easy Storage and Portability

5.Teepee Tent:Comply with CE Marking Safety Standards, CAPI-84 Flammability Test, EN71 Absolutely Safe

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